Duel.js Rules

Compete in real-time JavaScript duels

Welcome to Duel.js, an interactive and real-time JavaScript programming platform. Here, you can test your skills against fellow programmers in live challenges. To keep the competition fair and enjoyable, please follow these guidelines:


Your mission is to solve the given JavaScript challenge within the allotted time. Duel.js features a split-screen setup, allowing you to keep an eye on both your progress and your opponent's.

Victory Conditions

Win the duel by being the first to correctly complete the challenge. If time runs out, the victor is the one who has passed the most test cases. In a scenario where neither side passes any test cases, no points are awarded.


We pride ourselves on fostering a respectful and honest competitive atmosphere. Participants are expected to maintain these values and engage in fair and ethical gameplay.

Time Limit

Each challenge comes with a specific time constraint, adding a thrilling element to the competition. Managing your time effectively is crucial for success.

Duel.js aims to provide a stimulating and growth-inducing platform for programmers of all levels, promoting skill development and mastery in JavaScript through engaging, competitive programming challenges.